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Elite 9 Veteran Talent Acquisition Services, LLC is a great company that helps active duty and veterans to grow professionally as well as personally. I took the Building & Leading Resilient Teams Program, and it was amazing to learn from the best. Highly recommended!

Alex Briceno

Very interactive course. James was able to get us to contribute and share our experiences which tied it to the lesson plan.

Samuel Villa

I recently completed the “Building & Leading Resilient Teams” program, and it proved to be a transformative experience. The course adeptly combines theory with practical insights, offering a holistic approach to team leadership.

The curriculum delves into strategies for fostering resilience, emphasizing the importance of adaptability in today’s dynamic work environment. Engaging lectures by seasoned professionals, coupled with real-world case studies, provided valuable perspectives on overcoming challenges.

One standout aspect was the emphasis on emotional intelligence in leadership. The program skillfully navigates the intricacies of team dynamics, addressing conflict resolution and enhancing communication. Interactive workshops allowed for hands-on application of the concepts learned, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

The instructors exhibited profound expertise, delivering content with clarity and enthusiasm. The course materials were well-organized, facilitating a structured learning journey. The inclusion of post-program resources further supports continuous growth and application of resilient leadership skills.

As someone seeking to enhance my team leadership abilities, I found the Building & Leading Resilient Teams Program to be an invaluable investment. I now feel equipped with practical tools and a nuanced understanding of resilience, ready to lead my team through whatever challenges lie ahead. Highly recommended for anyone aspiring to build resilient, high-performing teams.

Ryan Sostre

After retiring from the U.S. Marines, I returned to school and received my BS degree. Translating my military experience to the private sector and incorporating my academic achievements into my resume proved difficult. Elite 9 Veteran Talent Acquisition Services provided me with excellent resume services. Elite 9 was able to translate my military experience and academic achievement into a cohesive document that would appeal to my target job. I could not be happier with their work. I would highly recommend Elite 9 and would use their services again.

Sergio Diaz

Chris re-wrote my resume and did an excellent job. He was very responsive and got it done way ahead of the given timeline. I am very satisfied with the services received and will definitely be referring anyone looking for resume writing services!

Leon Peterson
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