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Our Esteemed Founder

Christopher J. Thomas, MPA, RBLP-T

Sergeant Major, U.S. Marine Corps (retired)

Christopher J. Thomas is a passionate strategist and senior executive leader with over 2 decades of experience, providing innovative and creative plans for solving the most complex problems through proven leadership methodologies and concepts. His expertise and earned military skills align with the recruitment and cultivation of countless organizations and industries. He is a talent acquisition specialist in Albany, NY, and leads resilient team programs that open numerous opportunities and endless possibilities for clients to achieve prosperity and success in their respective sectors and businesses.

Our founder’s dedication created impactful and satisfying results solely in different business sizes and organizations. He possesses exceedingly mastered sets of skills and analytical prowess that enable him to go beyond the expectations of our clients.

Chris has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and a Master’s in Public Administration. Moreover, he is a Resilience-Building Leadership Professional Trainer and a certified Everything DiSC Practitioner.

Meet Our Team of Dedicated Professionals

Our professional team has over nine decades of combined experience and expertise in numerous job industries and sectors. This enabled us to provide top-notch and most sought-after services. The results of our combined experiences and skills are impeccable, which made us the leading consulting firm in the field. We commit and pride ourselves in resolving far-fetched and difficult issues and continuously providing the best-crafted solutions and services. To Elite 9 Talent Solutions, no workplace issue is too big and difficult to resolve.

To learn more about our team, click each of the photos of any of our instructors to view their profiles on LinkedIn. Or, you may “by-name” request any of our instructors and adjunct professors in Albany, NY, when enrolling in our Building & Leading Resilient Teams Program.

James Cabarrus, MPA, RBLP-T

Talent Acquisition Specialist & Adjunct Instructor

Ebony Jeffries, MA, RBLP-T

Adjunct Instructor

Jackie Kirkwood, MBV, MA, RBLP-T

Adjunct Instructor

Ray Jones, M.Ed, RBLP-T

Adjunct Instructor

Chester Wilson, III, BAS, RBLP-T

Adjunct Instructor


Adjunct Instructor

Shakera Grey, MBA, RBLP-T

Adjunct Instructor

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