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Embedded Software Engineer

Location:  Seattle, Washington

Job Description

BRINC Drones is striving to help all first responders by making products that quickly and effectively respond to 911 calls. Our vision is to have a mesh drone network system that gets to a 911 call in seconds rather than minutes or hours. This allows our responders to get eyes on what’s happening whether it be a fire, medical emergencies, violence, or search and rescue. This vision is already in the works with a product called LEMUR which helps SWAT teams safely enter a building without putting the suspect or officers in danger. We here at BRINC are excited to hire the best talent on the planet to help us bring this vision to a reality. We are seeking a talented embedded software engineer to contribute to flight critical firmware (particularly

drone pilot assistance features).


● Conceptualize, write and test high-quality code (primarily in C/C++)

● Debug faults, develop code base, and APIs for other software suites

● Document contributions in a revision-controlled environment

● Develop flight ready code

Basic Requirements

● Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, math, or science discipline OR 4+ years of

experience in software development

● Experience in C, C++, and Python development

● Able to work cross domain with other teams such as controls, perception, and navigation

● Thorough knowledge of systems, computer architecture, software development, networks, and


● Able to complete full software development phases such as requirements, development, testing, and

releasing using revision control

Preferred Qualifications

● Have shipped embedded software in high volume products that require high reliability

● Qualified software to standards or requirements such as DAL

● Experience in the aerospace, automotive or consumer electronics industries

● Strong skills in debugging, performance optimization and unit testing

● Ability to work effectively in a dynamic environment with changing needs and requirements

● Ability to work independently and in a small team, take initiative, and communicate effectively

Compensation can include stock options!

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