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Building Long-Term Retention

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, organizations are looking for ways to improve the functional, management, and leadership skills of their workforces. They need efficient and scalable solutions that provide employees with the skills they need to be successful.

Our three-tiered certification program is a holistic solution for front-line supervisors, middle managers, and senior leaders in organizations of any size or industry. Our competency-based certification exams assess the leader skills required to build resilient teams for organizational learning and change.

Resilience is a human resource strength that can and should be developed. Collective resilience is the ability to overcome challenges, and then adapt and grow because of those challenges. Resilient teams are stronger together and they make organizational learning and change possible.

Why get Certified?

There are plenty of certifications that assess an individual’s ability to manage process or perform technical skills. Our certifications are unique because we use an oral exam to assess an individual’s ability to lead people. Our leadership certifications are complementary to all the popular management and functional certifications.

Our certification exams are not in competition with existing organizational training programs. Our exams complete those training programs by providing a proctored assessment of learning that results in an earned leadership certification. Front-line supervisors and middle managers are especially interested in earning certifications that will increase their opportunities for advancement and responsibility.

Why use Education Benefits?

Companies provide education benefits because it helps them hire and retain good talent. Upskilling employees is a proven and cost-effective way to increase organizational productivity and effectiveness. Taking advantage of a company’s education benefits allows employees to enhance their skills and increase their value to the organization at the same time. Most education benefits programs are well-funded and under-utilized. Unfortunately, many employees are not well-informed about how their education benefits can and should be used.

About Exam Prep

We are not a training company. Exam prep for the RBLP leadership certifications is provided by colleges, universities, career schools, professional development companies, and corporate training programs. The courses offered by our Authorized Training Partners (ATPs) ensure that students are ready for our RBLP, RBLP-C, and RBLP-T certification exams. Our ATPs use experiential learning techniques and coaching skills to facilitate reflection and critical thinking about each applicable leader task. Instructor-led exam prep training mimics the oral exam process.

About our Exams

Oral exams are challenging. Applicants for certification are required to show competence of factual (what), conceptual (why), and procedural (how) knowledge for each leader task in the competency domains applicable to their level of certification.